Grafitti Removal  & Paint Removal Services 

Rockhampton  - Gladstone - QLD
We Service All Regional Areas Emu Park, Yeppoon, Gracemere, Mount Morgan, Bouldercombe, Kabra, Stanwell, The Caves, Emerald, Blackwater

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Rockhampton Pressure Cleaning Provide A Complete Graffiti Removal And Paint Removal Service Our Services Are Beyond All Other Competitors With The Support Of Membes Across Australia Ensuring We Provide You With The Best Finish Possible To A Surface Without Any Surface Damage What So Ever

Reasons For Using Our Paint Removal Sufaces

  • Your Property Has Been Tagged With Graffiti
  • Your Brick Walls Has Significant Value And Is Covered In Paint
  • Timber House Paint Removal To Expose Natural Timber And Sealing Service 
  • Concrete Paint Removal Service
  • Concrete Roof Tile Paint Removal Service
  • Metal Paint Removal
  • Boat Hull Paint Removal
  • Line Marking Paint Removal
  • Old Painted Sign Removal
  • Paint Spillage Cleanup